Cornelia Gruenes

Cornelia is a high achiever who has a unique background both in business and athletics. On the Bauer team Cornelia specializes in mentoring executives and athletes in the mindset it takes to be a success. Additionally her business approach is a valuable to our review of clubs, facilities and the internal best practices used for hiring, organization and daily operations.

As a keen strategist Cornelia adds a great deal as well as an international perspective helping both business and athletes as they seek their best path. Cornelia’s story coming from behind the Iron Curtain is one which a movie about persistence and achievement against the odds could be made. As an elite tennis player Cornelia was East German Champion 29 times between the years 1983-1987. While restricted from international travel and tournaments during the prime of her playing career, once free to travel in the twilight of her career she still reached a WTA World ranking of 336. Before Cornelia started playing tennis at age 12, she was a diver in the National program in Berlin.

Trained in the esteemed coaching traditions of East Germany, Cornelia has a very high level of understanding of the mental and physical development of athletes of all levels. Her international experience has allowed her to be mentored by so many great minds and this developed her focus and knowledge of working with people helping them reach goals.

After playing professional tennis, Cornelia continued to pursue her academic interests, gaining a scholarship to study business in the USA. This experience led her to achieve business degrees including a BA from Barry University and an MBA from University of Albany.

During this time Cornelia was asked to become NCAA Head Coach at the University of Albany where she brought the team to new heights. Coming from the highly developed East German coaching traditions, Cornelia provides training on a level few can reach. Combining that with her business background Cornelia knows how to connect with each of her clients individually to bring out their top performance.

"There are very few in the professional world who share Cornelia’s breadth of experience making her mark both in athletics and in business. I was fortunate to help guide her professional tennis career and now feel fortunate to have her to work with our team and clients sharing her knowledge and incredible story in fighting for freedom. Cornelia is a leader and inspiration who can energize anyone trying to reach for the best in themselves." - Tim Bauer

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