Consulting Services

Bauer Consulting is a visionary company built for all who strive for performance excellence.


Through innovative education, the Bauer team provides its clients complete services in business and sports performance.


Using a holistic approach, Bauer helps athletes, teams, clubs, executives and corporations lead in their endeavors by focusing on strengthening mental, physical, and emotional abilities. A focus on wellness allows Bauer to bring out the best in each individual. We inspire to grow confidence and grow enthusiasm in the board room, on the field, and in the game of life using the same principles and techniques which have built champions of both sport and business.


Old world traditions coupled with new world science and technology create consistently stronger individuals and teams who are better prepared to work, connect, perform under pressure, and win.


Offering Seminars, Individual Consultations and Programs for:


Sports Performers


Business Performers


Sport and Wellness Facilities