Physical Performance & Fitness

The foundation of every success starts with physical excellence

Physical Training for the Athlete

Bauer Consulting has provided Physical Training programs and knowledge to some of the top athletes and training academies in the world. We specialize in physical evaluations and individualized physical programs for athletes and executives alike. Specialists in all aspects of Health and Wellness are available to provide guidance and information you can trust. Each challenge requires a review of the environment faced and a series of goals to be set and measured throughout. Foundations are built towards the specific tasks that are demanded for success. Free of trendy fitness; sound, safe training will show results in performance through dedication and repetition of properly performed exercises, routines, and challenges.

ExecuFit: Health and Well-Being for Business

Some of the biggest weaknesses in the board room are in the area of health and well being. This special program can be done as a group or individually. It focuses on assuring that those in business strike a balance in their lives in a way that lets them perform on the job and at home. That the stress of their day is balanced with a good physical routine that relieves that stress and builds lean functional muscle.


Specialists in a variety of the Health and Exercise Science fields are available to provide a routine and education which will boost performance as well as general well-being. Education, personal sessions, training routines, warm up routines, goals, measurements, and an ongoing challenge are important to this program.

The Elite Body: Physical Training for the Athlete

Your competitive environment will be evaluated along with your strengths and weaknesses in your performance arena. After an evaluation then a complete program will be built around the goals and achievements you strive for. Always sound and safe, completely created for the specifics of your environment--your journey to exceeding your goals begins with physical excellence.

The Elite Body: Physical Training for the Coach

Designed to work as an educational course or specifically with an athlete in our program, this program will allow the coach to understand and train their athletes better based on the interlacing of the physical, mental and technical programs. Let us help you make the most of the coaching you do by properly blending a physical routine and periodized program that will lift your athlete when they need it most.

The Elite Body: Physical Testing and Evaluation

For athletes simply desiring an objective review of their current status we offer a testing cycle so that they may objectively measure where they are physically as they prepare for performance. 1 day or half day sessions are available.